The Fire Test Study Group constitutes those fire testing laboratories in the UK which undertake fire tests for building control purposes.  Whilst the scope of testing of each of the current members may differ, there is a common interest in that a significant part of each member's activity is associated with testing and advisory work for building control purposes. 

What does Fire Test Study Group do?

FTSG’s main objectives are:

  1. To liaise and discuss the principles and the philosophies relative to the design and conduct of fire tests and the application of the results.
  2. To enhance the consistency and quality of UK fire testing for building control purposes.
  3. To make public any agreements reached and to apply these agreements to all tests conducted.
  4. To seek ways in which relevant test techniques can be improved and make appropriate representations to specification writing authorities (e.g. BSI).

What are Fire Test Study Group resolutions?

Where necessary for the purpose of establishing common procedures and/or interpretations, the group formulates ‘resolutions’ on specific topics.  The laboratories agree to be bound by these resolutions once they have been agreed. A resolution will only be formulated on the basis of unanimous agreement between the member organisations of the Group, or, where unanimous agreement cannot be reached, following referral of the subject to the appropriate British Standard Institution technical committee, or other appropriate body for wider discussion.

What is the structure of Fire Test Study Group?

The group meets in two forums; a Technical Committee which restricts itself purely to technical matters and which drafts resolutions on those matters, and an Executive Committee which considers and decided on policy items and also approved the resolutions produced by the Technical Committee.

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